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Sue & Dan DeGraw, Owners of Schnellberg Kennel at 15730 26 Mile Rd Macomb MI

My name is Sue DeGraw and I own and operate Schnellberg Kennel. My husband Dan is a K-9 officer with the Macomb County Sheriff's Office. His partner is a shepard named "Nitro" and, as his name implies, he is an explosives detecting dog as well as a tracking dog.

The kennel has been family owned since its start in 1928. I became manager in 1990 and expanded the private breeding kennel into a boarding and breeding kennel. I specialize in training pointing dogs for competition but also train my dogs for show, conformation, obedience and agility. I am an AKC licensed judge. I own a variety of breeds but the breed near and dear to my heart are my German Wirehaired Pointers.

Carl Schnell, who founded Schenllberg Kennel, was the original importer of the GWP to the states when he immigrated here in 1928. He was the author of the breed standard and the driving force behind recognition by AKC.

To this day I pride myself in the quality of dog I produce and the level of my knowledge relating to all types of breeds.

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